Saturday, April 09, 2011

My storyboard reel

My brand new storyboard reel for your inspection and (hopefully) enjoyment :-)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

TS3 Buzz quick sketchin'

Some quick sketching from Toy Story 3. Buzz is so fun to draw!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

HPI racing

First teaser for something.... Stay tuned, I think there is much more to come.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"Wrapped Up" wrapped up!

I just finalized "Wrapped Up", a short film I wrote and directed. The DVD is on its way to Annecy festival. Here goes... :)

"Wrapped Up" is the result of a collaborative effort of CG artists, who liked the premise and agreed to participate for fun. The film was co-produced with Crew972, who generously backed up the film with facilities, pipeline, a place to work in together, moral support and manpower.

Written, storyboarded and directed by yours truely.
Design - me, Rafi Ben Aharon and Irena Tsibulka, plus some help from Elin Rozen.
Original Score - Assaf Shlomi.
Sound Design - Nati Zeindenstandt
Modeling - Irean Tsibulka, Jonathan Katzman and Roni Yahel
Shading - Irena Tsibulka and Dana Gussman
Layout - Paul Wolf, Yonni Arroussi and Kobi Levi
Rigging - Menashe Morobuse
Animation - Liron Aluf, Gabi Berger, Shuki Gamliel, Kobi Levi, and myself.
Render - Irena Tsibulka, Yanir Kleiman, Arik Jana
Composite - Yanir Kleiman and Irena Tsibulka
Produced by me and Maria Veskan
Executive producer - Dror Daliot

Special thanks go to Irena, who worked tirelessly and made the film possible; Gabi and Liron, who did a lot of work and also designed a poster and a website for the film; Crew 972, who had been very helpful and cooperative in every way; my girlfriend and fellow animator Elin Rozen, who listened to my ideas and added her own ideas and generally put up with me working on this film on weekends and evenings; and Dror Daliot, who was the first to notice and mention that the stars are aligned to allow a short film to be made.

Thanks you everybody, and see you in June at Annecy!