Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"Wrapped Up" wrapped up!

I just finalized "Wrapped Up", a short film I wrote and directed. The DVD is on its way to Annecy festival. Here goes... :)

"Wrapped Up" is the result of a collaborative effort of CG artists, who liked the premise and agreed to participate for fun. The film was co-produced with Crew972, who generously backed up the film with facilities, pipeline, a place to work in together, moral support and manpower.

Written, storyboarded and directed by yours truely.
Design - me, Rafi Ben Aharon and Irena Tsibulka, plus some help from Elin Rozen.
Original Score - Assaf Shlomi.
Sound Design - Nati Zeindenstandt
Modeling - Irean Tsibulka, Jonathan Katzman and Roni Yahel
Shading - Irena Tsibulka and Dana Gussman
Layout - Paul Wolf, Yonni Arroussi and Kobi Levi
Rigging - Menashe Morobuse
Animation - Liron Aluf, Gabi Berger, Shuki Gamliel, Kobi Levi, and myself.
Render - Irena Tsibulka, Yanir Kleiman, Arik Jana
Composite - Yanir Kleiman and Irena Tsibulka
Produced by me and Maria Veskan
Executive producer - Dror Daliot

Special thanks go to Irena, who worked tirelessly and made the film possible; Gabi and Liron, who did a lot of work and also designed a poster and a website for the film; Crew 972, who had been very helpful and cooperative in every way; my girlfriend and fellow animator Elin Rozen, who listened to my ideas and added her own ideas and generally put up with me working on this film on weekends and evenings; and Dror Daliot, who was the first to notice and mention that the stars are aligned to allow a short film to be made.

Thanks you everybody, and see you in June at Annecy!