Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Recommanded blog: The Firehouse Stomp

I found this one a few days ago. A very talented animator named Nick Sung from Toronto, Canada, is making an independent short in the spirit of old Disney designs and animation style. The blog includes some really great artwork, but to me its real value lies in that it shows the creative process - not just the final results. There are thumbnails, raw storyboards, doodles, inspirationsal art, color experiments, the whole deal. Very inspiring. Check it out!

The Firehouse Stomp

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Nick Sung said...

Hi Doron--

I've been really busy lately, but I wanted to take this little opportunity to thank you for your very generous praise! I'm glad that you're enjoying the stuff that I'm doing, warts and all.

Process is a big thing for me--I really need to feel comfortable and committed to ideas before I can go ahead with them--and that's where a lot of the work is, and where a lot of the progress is made, so it just seemed natural for me to post everything.

Anyway, it's a project that's all about process and progress; falling flat on your face and getting up and doing it again. Anyway, the whole thing is actually only meant to be a portfolio, not a realized film, so essentially, the things I'm trying to get across are the way I work and think, besides the functionality of the piece itself.

As for your comment about there not being enough time to read the moment of realization: yes, you are absolutely right, and it's one (of the many) things I don't like very much about the 'short' as it stands right now. Unfortunately, deadlines and constraints prevailed, to the detriment of the story, and that's what I had when it came time to send it off. That's a great observation though, and one that I'll definitely try to incorporate if and when I return to this; it's a tentpole scene, a 'golden drawing', if you will, so everything should build up to it. I'll have to be more focussed next time.

anyway, sorry for going on and on and on. Hope you're well, and thanks again!