Saturday, June 03, 2006

The form dog and the shape dog

Here is another copy of a Disney frame (Lady and the Tramp, of course). I think you'll agree that the lean dog on the left is much better than the bulldog in terms of solid draftsmanship. Fortunately I saved the drawing in it's most raw stage, after just a few line strokes had been made, and here it is:

This early stage shows a very interesting thing. While the bulldog here is basically a vague, undefined shape, the lean dog is already defined with forms. Obviously, I had approached the drawing with a pretty clear understanding of the lean dog's construction, and almost no understanding of the bulldog's.
[By the way, as a result of this lack of understanding, drawing the lean dog was easy and fun, while drawing the bulldog was frustrating and painstaking and felt like 'work'.]

Here you can see the work process I went through. You can see how much more trouble I had with the bulldog.

Well, you live you learn (and then you live on and learn the same thing over and over again, until hopefully, some day, you get tired of making the same mistake all the time and start doing it RIGHT).



Touchskies said...


thank you for posting on my blog.
great drawings.


Ken Chandler said...

Thanks for showing us the process you went through to get to the final sketch. Beautifully done!

R.Dress said...

Thanks for sharing the process. You know I gotta say they both feel solid to me.

Dogex99 said...
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Anonymous said...

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