Friday, December 22, 2006

The animation industry and me discover humor

One day, I would invite the animation industry to my living room, and together we would sit and watch “Lady and the Tramp” (or any other Disney film from the era).

We would notice how we start laughing where no punch line has been delivered, and no joke was there to be found.

What then, we would ask ourselves in wonder, made us laugh?

Perhaps it was a fun personality, revealed through a well selected gesture, walk, or facial expression. Perhaps it was something we recognized from life - the sort of laughter you get from a shrewd caricature. Perhaps it was a detail so subtle, that we felt the film winked at us. Or perhaps it was just a moment so original and clever, that we laughed simply to express delight.

The animation industry and I would be fascinated to discover that we can laugh from deep within, not just with the mouth.

We would then put on some recent animation films. We would sit there, watching these gag-swollen films huffing and puffing and getting all red in the face in a desperate attempt to push us into a smirk. And it would make us sick.

The animation industry and I would agree that humor and gags are different things, and that we need to strive for a better balance of the two. The animation industry would then go home, get rid of the clowns, and search for insightful people instead; and a few years later, it would start making great animation films again.



Rafi said...

interesting observation, and good point. i would like to see something like this appear as an article in a more public website.

Chris said...

Wonderful! Just wonderful.

Patrick Alessi said...

Great post... Just exelent!!!

Too many of the recent film are vacom packed whith gags and clowns istead of good old humor.

Lluis Llobera said...

Awesome to hear someone make so much sense !

Thanks for this - it was thrilling to read. I wish it was possible to come back to the "old humour". To look for subtlety, and smart storytelling instead of relying on easy slack humour, lousy fart jokes and such. Will it ever happen ?



Paya said...

true true