Friday, September 14, 2007

Photo Analysis 1

Following something Alex Orrelle was talking about in the studio, I'm recently trying to notice interesting pictures and analyze what's interesting (to me) about them. Well, here's one:

So what's interesting about it? I did a few sketches trying to simplify and exaggerate, almost as if I was caricaturing the photo. I think what made me stare at it in the first place, was the sudden streak of strong warm yellow within all the blueness.

In this black and white, high contrast version (thank you Photoshop), something else comes up: the attractiveness of the small, relatively bright tree, in the midst of his big dark peers. Being an "oddity" in the context of this picture, it stands out and becomes a natural focal point for the picture.

[Disclaimer: I'm not a great painter to say the least, and I don't intend to teach anybody anything. These are just some illustrated thoughts, sort of a visual analysis for my own enjoyment.]


E Hajibabaie said...
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Ori said...

You know, you should come here and hang out for a while. The landscape here gives you this kind of lighting on a grand scale, and it's breathtaking.

remotb said...

nice and interesting observation.

you could check my photos as well, if you like... ;-)

keep the faith,

Anonymous said...

Musing indeed :)