Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sculpture update

Haven't been here in a while (busy busy busy...really). Did you miss me?

Here are some work process photos. First, I added a nice clay base to the thing. Then we prepared some cast and started splashing it onto the clay. It has this cool effect:

Casting cast

In the end you get this cast cocoon, in which hides the clay head. It's a very strange feeling, having your work buried in like that. It took 5 hours of hard physical work to bury it!


Today we opened the cast, removed the clay, and poured cast into the mold. These pictures were taken while we were removing clay:

Modern art 2
Modern art 1

Next time, we remove the mold, and the session after that we'll cleanup and make some correction on the cast statue itself. And then, hopefully, it will be over. I have to say, I'm looking forward to finishing this, and starting something new.

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gawd0r said...

You broke it, you buy it.

Seriously, why are you so busy all the time! Dude, you're in the holy land! You might day every second now! Take it easy! ;)

Ba lecha snooker?