Sunday, February 10, 2008

3 Mamas

I'm currently illustrating a children book - a very interesting adventure for me. I'll post more details, including some of the working process, when the time comes. In the meanwhile, here are 3 sketches trying to capture "mom". The writer wanted her to be very beautiful; I wanted her to feel "real", not too perfect. So I was trying to walk this fine line of attractiveness without perfection. None of these really hit the mark - but between them, they give me a pretty solid direction.
As always, comments are more than welcome.


Liron Topaz said...

Hey Doron,

These are nice, but I agree with you they are still missing the "momhood"

I think it should be somewhere between the one on the left and the middle one. But what I personally miss is the warmth in the eyes. I know mom is such a subjective concept, but I think you got it pretty close in the middle one. I like your idea to find beauty in a more internal way rather than just the "ideal".

JP said...

Hey D, I agree with Liron that the middle one says 'mom' more than the others. There a way in which her hair, pulled back and tucked behind her ears that gives of that practical mom-ness while still being attractive. I just think her Jawline is a bit harsh. She's veering towards eastGerman shot-putter.

Nice work!