Saturday, May 10, 2008

Old boiler factory

Yesterday I went out to sketch some architecture. I was thinking of going to Neve Tzedek, an area famous for its unique and beautiful architecture. On the way there, however, I noticed a shabby old building. I've seen it many times, but this time I was really looking. The wealth of texture in form and detail was truly fascinating. Drawing some fancy "straight" house suddenly seemed boring.

So I stopped and sketched it. I drew two versions in my sketchbook, then went home and did a more relaxed Wacom sketch, which is the one I'm posting.

A guy working in a nearby garage told me that 60 years ago, it had been a boiler factory.

1 comment:

Jose M. said...

Beautiful... I like both the colours and the design. You have given an old, forgotten building a chance to become a piece of art!!!