Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stepped to Smooth tutorial – part 4

In part 4 we finally start looking into the smoothing process. We begin with a short study of the inherent timing cheat involved in stepped animation. Enjoy!


elin roz said...

very good!!
and helpfull!

Anonymous said...
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omer-n said...

hey, really great tutorial, hoping to see the next one soon, thanks! :)

is stepped animation good for physical animations or just acting?


Doron Meir said...

Thanks Omer. The next few parts are going to come withing the next few weeks. I'll probably upload them all at once when they're done.

To answer your question: Generally I would say that the more physical the animation, the earlier you'd break out of stepped mode, or even just start with spline.

I should add there's no definite one-size-fit-all answer here. I know some animators who can do good physics with stepped, and I also know some who can achieve good acting results without using stepped at all.