Saturday, August 21, 2010

David Goreman painting

My 2nd Photoshop painting ever. I’m sure it leaves a lot to be desired, but I’m quite happy with it. As always, comments and suggestions for improvement are very welcome.

Edit: I realized the original painting was way too bland and also slightly green, so I played a bit with the values. The old version is down here:



Anna Strebkov said...


I'd add some more shadow to the neck.


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful! I really like the larger painting. Maybe you can add some dark green to the shadows, to balance out\contrast all the orange

Gray Druid said...

great work man, keep it up

Liron Topaz said...

I think you should add more color temperature. Everything feels the same hue. I would add cold colors, maybe in the shadows. I agree with Gila, I think green would be a nice contrast to the orange palette :)