Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas

Very few people get to really make a difference in the world. Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston (I can't really separate these names) made it twice: once by giving us some of the greatest animation ever made, and again by telling us how to do it. These people helped transform animation from silly curiosity, to perhaps the world's most complex, refined and deep art form.
If you think about it, very few people can take that sort of credit.

To them, to the rest of the nine old men, and to Walt Disney himself - all now gone - I take off my hat and bow.

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april said...

It's so exciting to watch those and I can't even get through the entire clip without stopping to catch my breath, and it's partly because my heart is breaking from the thought of what we've lost from the transition to 3D, from having to depend on a good rig, having to depend on some guy that in most cases hasn't even heard of Frank and Ollie.