Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Head’s up


This is the first time I succeeded in doing a long, serious sketch from a sculpture. I tried it several times, but “on location” I can never muster the patience. So much to see!

This one was different, it’s my own sculpture which I have at home and I just took it outside, placed it under a single light source, and allowed myself to get lost in the drawing. It was very relaxing.

The small version on the upper corner is something between a warm-up and a quick “proof of concept”. I find that doodling these little quick sketches before I start drawing, helps a lot in keeping me focused on what I’m going for.

I got tired for drawing before I got to start shading it. Maybe I’ll continue the drawing some other day.


Emanuel Lew said...


Doron Meir said...

Thanks :)

Happy Satan said...

I gotta say I like the small one better... -_- I mean, the big one is great and looks really correct and accurate - it's a great job! But it's always like that for me, with my drawings as well, the smaller ones always somehow appeal more to me. It prolly has a lot to do with how much more room for the imagination they leave, not just the fact it's easier to miss mistakes in a small drawing. I mean... that litte sketch - it really catches the eye. simple, few values - but it hits home! pleasure to look at.

end rant.
p.s. i really enjoyed that book i grabbed from you on interview day - MAN that had some useful tips! i was just doing some classic animation today and kept going back to all kinds of stuff i read there. coolness. thanks!

Doron Meir said...

My pleasure, Happy Satan :)