Monday, May 25, 2009

Playing with facial shapes

I drew all four during one of our longer “dailies” meetings at Snowball. The upper left one was the inspiration for the other four (loosely based on my friend Nir G., though it looks more like his evil twin…sorry Nir!)

The other three are my attempts to interpret and accentuate the special feature of the first drawing: mainly the forehead and the jaw. My favorite interpretation is the cubical dude.

I noticed that I somehow I got much better at controlling my lines, even though I don’t use pencil so much – it’s mainly Wacom these days. Maybe it’s because the Wacom is so hard to control? Either way, I’m not complaining :)

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מנהל שודי פדודי said...

hell these are fantastic.
great sense of form and shape, indeed.

Doron, Buddy, Why won`t you share your work, your process, your comments, your thoughts - with us at "Shoody Padoody"? you`re part of the group for who knows how long now... what, I need to beg ya to do it?...