Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Skinners" pitch

This is my pitch assignment for Kris Pearn's storyboarding course at I have to confess, this turned out to be rather difficult. Pitching requires a certain fluidity of speech that I'm not sure I can even muster in Hebrew, and definitely not in English. In the end, I just opened Premiere and edited out a lot of slowness and stuttering. I think the result is not so bad.

Comments and thoughts and also critique, are even more welcome than usual.


shoham blau said...

wheres the rhino ?

"..hes the biggest and most beutifull ive ever seen.." ...

i find that giving yourself an accent really helps with the fluidity of speech. try using a texan accent or a scotish one.

Pia said...

Very nice Doron :) I watched the whole thing without "zapping" ( a bad habbit of mine )
But I must say that I didn't realise that there was two in the same chopper until the 1 one crashed..
the guy who was eaten looks a bit like you, Doron ( remember you tried to make a charicature of yourself? well, here it is :) )

Doron Meir said...

LOL - yes I did realize the caricature thing while I was drawing it :)

I'm aware of the problem you mentioned with the other guy in the chopper. I tried to find a solution but it just didn't want to work in any way, and in the end I left it like that, hoping I was imagining the problme :-P

Thanks for the comment Pia!