Sunday, May 10, 2009

Old Jaffa house x 3

I’m not terribly good with drawing landscapes. As an animator, people and gestures are my thing. But here and there I give it a go, just to make sure I still suck. :)

So there was this house/restaurant down in Old Jaffa, and as usual I had a hard time drawing it. I made several attempts before I was relatively satisfied with this one:


With me and sketching that very house was my good friend JP Vine, who’s as good as anybody at drawing these kind of things. I looked at his results and asked some questions, then I tried to capture it “JP style”:


I think this result is much more fun, and even though it’s not structurally accurate at all, it retains much more of the building’s charm.

Back home, I scanned my initial attempt and I stared at it for a while on screen (always helps to see your work in a different way). I realized the main problem is that the drawing is drowning in detail. It’s flat, not just because there isn’t really a definite light source, but also and primarily because all the details have the same weight, the same level of importance in my drawing.

So I asked myself - what’s the most important thing about this house? What made it worth painting? I experimented with several answers. The answer that presented itself in the end took me a little bit by surprise. Turns out it wasn’t so much the architecture that got me interested - it was actually the colors. So, here’s the Photoshop sketch I did at home, trying to limit myself to what really matters:


So…thanks for reading this relatively long post. Any thoughts on which drawing does a better job and why? My comments area is open for your input.


Anonymous said...

Like the first and the last one. And the post is not long! its great.
If ud like me to join u one day sms me :) long time no see long time no sketching.

noyk said...

נהניתי מהפוסט. מעניין לראות את התהליכים שאתה עובר כשאתה מתבונן ברישום, ואת החיפוש המתמיד אחר ה"תפיסה הנכונה" של המציאות, כזו שתכלול בתוכה גם את העניין האישי שלך וגם את מהות האובייקט.

בקיצור, כן ירבו פוסטים ארוכים באופן יחסי:)

והאמת, שדווקא מאד אהבתי את הראשון.